I've always suspected that I'm allergic to wheat, but only recently it became apparent that I really am.. and it also became apparent that with a wheat allergy, there's no such thing as 'cheat days.' At the beginning, eating only gluten free was frustrating and infuriating.. that I could no longer get an average £3 meal deal in my lunch breaks. 

As I became more positive on the matter, I began spotting gluten free treat after gluten free treat. The Regular Chocolate Brownie in Starbucks is gluten free and is absolutely delicious. Chocolate brownies have always been my weakness, and the one from Starbucks is absolutely spot on; it is soft inside, crispy on the outside and so so chocolatey. I can almost guarantee that many people have tried the brownie and no one will have guessed it's gluten free!

However, the star product is definitely Starbuck's new, festive Gluten Free Turkey and Bacon Wrap. I cannot recommend this highly enough, to gluten eaters and non-gluten eaters alike. The wrap is filled with turkey breast, stuffing, mayonnaise, cranberry sauce, bacon and spinach. Imagine a Christmas Dinner in a wrap.. Voila! I don't think the fact it's gluten free should put anybody off trying this, because it tastes incredible. 
Gluten Free Food will always be a bit more pricey, especially where Starbucks is concerned. For me, I have no option, I jump on any sandwich or wrap that I can find that is gluten free. But as a treat for everyone else too, you will not regret spending £3.29 on this.
PS. You can ask for the wrap to be heated up for a warm, gluten free, Christmas Dinner treat. 

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