Each item is individual, that's why they gift wrap every one..

100% cotton. 100% quality. 

I was so beyond excited when I got my Fifty tee, but I was even more excited when I opened the package and the T-shirt had been beautifully hand wrapped. I think that's the most unique thing I've come across with this company, each product is only made 50 times (what an excellent idea) and from the hand wrapping to the quality, every item feels so exclusive and personal to you. 

The T-shirt itself surpassed all my expectations. I knew the quality was going to be good, but what I received was one of the softest, well made t-shirts I've ever had! The logo on the front is not too tacky or in your face, but a simple and well designed one. 

If the hand wrapping of the T-shirt and the T-shirt itself wasn't enough to impress me.. the website is so perfectly constructed and designed. www.fiftystore.co.uk is well written, the photographs are of perfect quality and the 'About Fifty' page perfectly sums up such a special and utterly brilliant company.

Of course I haven't been paid or sponsored in any way to write this post, I am genuinely impressed with such an incredible company and the incredible product and concept they have come up with.


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