The Ripped Jeans, Brown Shoes, V Neck Top and Baggy Shirt Kind of Look.

I posted an Instagram a few weeks ago and I received tons of messages asking where the outfit was from, so here we go..


The first time I wore these shoes, they tore my heels apart.. but now I swear they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Top Tips: Definitely take plasters in your handbag when you'll be wearing these. Also, due to the pointed toe, the shoes do scuff on the top point over time. However, I asked my mum if she could do anything, and magically they're as good as new..


I umm'ed and ahh'ed about whether to get ripped jeans during the winter months for a good few weeks.. I definitely don't regret it. These jeans have become new favourites, anything looks good with them, and if you've overslept and can't think what to wear, any top looks better with ripped rather than normal jeans I can assure you. Topshop also have the biggest collection of ripped jeans I've ever seen.. Jamie's, Joni's, Leigh's..


Without doubt my favourite top I've bought for months, it's so versatile! The top has a slight pleat down the centre, which adds something extra to an otherwise plain v neck top. The material is also much thicker than your average top and is slightly longer at the back (which I like). I've heard the grey version is now on sale too..


Both of these shirts are so old, in fact the first has been stolen from my sisters wardrobe and never returned (Shh! Don't tell her!) The second was from Topshop a few years ago. However, shirts can be found anywhere. Primark, H&M, Topshop, ASOS, Jack Wills.. the list is honestly endless. I personally prefer buying the shirt a size or even two sizes bigger than my normal size purely for comfort, and I also think a baggy shirt looks great with skinny jeans. Also, if you're looking for warmth, I definitely recommend a flannel shirt (the men's departments are usually best for this!)

A few suggestions:

Thanks for reading! xxx

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