To say I was excited about the pre-launch of the new Benefit mascara is an understatement. It's no secret that Benefit Cosmetics are the queen bee's of the mascara industry, with their They're Real mascara (my favourite) being the UK's number one bestseller. 
Benefit have been working on this mascara for four years, so I was hoping for good things.. and it didn't let me down. 

Specifically designed for women with straight and stubborn lashes, the mascara was created with the intention of ditching the eyelash curlers in the early morning rush. For lifted, curled and long-lasting lashes, Benefit were inspired by good old hair rollers, using a 'Hook'n'Roll' technology within its brush, incorporating the teeniest tiny hooks on the end of each bristle (fancy, I know!) 


The mascara claims to be lightweight and conditioning on the lashes, and as with the previous two Benefit mascara's, the application of the mascara was smooth and un-clumpy. You can feel the teeny tiny hooks gripping your lashes to apply the even coat of mascara, however, it is totally pain free - and you should trust me because I am ├╝ber sensitive to pain.

Roller Lash 1 - 1 They're Real 



As with They're Real, both mascara's have lasted 12+ hours on my lashes, without dropping. However, They're Real does tend to smudge onto my eyelids during long days, something which the Roller Lash failed to do. 

Roller Lash 2 - 1 They're Real.



The worst part of the mascara process. I never found the They're Real mascara to be difficult to remove  merely a chore. However, the Roller Lash did remove slightly easier, with slightly less tugging of my lashes - which I'm sure my eyes would thank me for!

Roller Lash 3 - 1 They're Real.


Well there it is. I never thought I'd be changing my all-time favourite mascara, but I'm happy it's gone to another Benefit Cosmetics product. Thank God for Benefit!
Hitting the counters on the 28th February at a price of £19.50.

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