I've always been rather laissez-faire on the whole skincare front, if I get a spot I leave it until it decides to leave itself. However, when I saw a face mask-esque product which brands itself as a 'one minute facial' I wanted to see if it really could be that easy.. and it is (I promise).

A mint-green toothpaste appearance shouldn't scare you away.. I smooth a thin layer of the exfoliating formula over my face, then with wet hands, massage in further before leaving it on the skin for one minute and then washing it off. The water activates Vitamin C in the formula and turns the gritty texture into a smooth lotion.

 The product claims it reduces oxidising darkened sebum (blackheads), brightens and smooths the skin - all of which I can definitely vouch for. Great for a dose of radiance after a late one the night before and for a dash of rejuvenating dull skin.

Complexion clearing - in record time! 
I use this product three days a week, and unless you have ultra sensitive skin, I'd suggest this duration to you too.

Why is Vitamin C such a bonus I hear you ask..? Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants available. It boosts collagen and adds brightness, while also addressing sun damage and hyper pigmentation.

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