I've never been a liquid eyeliner fanatic, I've always found that pencil eyeliners did the trick. However, while having a gander around Boots, I noticed my favourite pencil liner, in liquid form. 

I've always been intrigued by 'felt-tip' style liners, I thought surely they couldn't create a precise winged liner look. It does draw, on paper and on the eye, exactly as a felt-tip pen would. But, something about the small tip means you can create a thin line, and something about the formula is very black and very long-lasting. The felt-tip-esque nib is not terrifying, and in actuality, made the whole process a bit easier.

It definitely doesn't disappoint as the sister product to my favourite pencil liner. 

Looking for a new liquid liner? This one isn't as scary as it looks.. I promise!


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