I was perfectly happy using my MUA Luxe Brow Product and have even repurchased it before finishing the one I'm using - that's how much I liked it. However, the blogger community wore me down until I could no longer resist the hype, and purchased the Anastasia Brow Wiz.. people go crazy for it!

In terms of product application and longevity, both the MUA and the Anastasia are fairly similar. However, the MUA range comes in few colours (not a problem for me as I'd found my perfect tone), but the Anastasia comes in nine shades, suitable for every eyebrow colour I could imagine. 

The biggest difference falls in the way each product is applied. I thought the MUA brow product had a small nib, until I saw this; the Anastasia pencil is lightweight and the nib is so teeny tiny, its barely noticeable - making it perfect for mimicking actual brow hairs. I am tired of using (and losing) a separate spoolie for my brows and the Anastasia comes as a dual ended device, with one side a spoolie, the other the waxy formula.. Excellent.

So what's the downside of the product?

A little pricey. However, it all evens out when I don't have to keep repurchasing lost spoolie's once a week!


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