AKA. The Tinder of Fashion.

After creating an account, simply select the occasion you are shopping for, or select 'Everything' if you are in a serious shopping mood and Mallzee does it all for you. The same concept as Tinder will begin - an item of clothing will appear and you swipe right to thumbs up and left to thumbs down. Simple! 

What's great about Mallzee?

Everything you thumbs up will be saved into your saved basket.

The app will notify you if anything you have saved drops in price (if it wasn't already tempting enough!)

You can filter the options shown to you by price, brand, item etc.

It's not just for girls! Guys, get on it too!


AKA. The Shazam of Shopping.

So you're scrolling through the Instagram explore feed and time after time women or men in the most beautiful clothes appear, with no link or tag to where it's from. Frustrating.

ASAP54 was designed to bridge the gap between what you see and what you buy. Users can upload a picture of an item they've seen or a colour they're looking to match, select the item of clothing it is, and the app searches its databases for the exact match and plenty of alternatives. 

The user-friendly interface and the sleek, simple design makes it obvious why it was featured on iTunes in 135 countries.

Unusual name but brilliant concept.

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