If there's one thing I 'forget' to do in my extensive beauty routine, it's the tedious brush cleaning task. Make up is applied daily - foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow.. but brushes? Let's not discuss the last time they had a good ol' clean. 

It is not, and definitely never will become, a daily job.. it's a job for a Sunday afternoon, and I've found a product which makes the whole task just that little bit easier.

Step One: Streamline. 

Something in which I should start practicing what I preach is to whittle down your brush collection to the bare essentials.

A Foundation Buffing Brush (The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush), A Small Powder Brush (for highlighting, contouring etc), A Large Powder Brush (for bronzer and setting powder), A Spoolie (for those unruly brows), Several Eyeshadow Brushes (for packing on colour), Several Blending Brushes (The MAC 217 will not fail you).

 Remember, the less brushes you have, the less you have to wash *yawn*.

Step Two: Probably About Time To Start Cleaning.

For a quick spot clean or a deep clean, the MAC brush cleaner has your back. I run each brush under the tap in turn and squirt a small amount of the cleaner into my hand, swirl the brush hairs in the product and massage into the brush and then rinse out - you'll be amazed horrified at the colour of the water. But isn't it satisfying! 

Before I discovered the MAC cleaner, I just used a normal hair shampoo and the results were much the same. However, hair shampoo required a few repeats of the process before each brush was squeaky clean. And no one has time for that.

Step Three: Drying.

So to not ruin all the hard work I just spent a good ten minutes completing - instead of throwing the brushes straight back in the pot, I balance them over the edge of a counter and reshape the bristles while the brushes are still wet.

10 minutes of your Sunday schedule and your guilt has subsided and your brushes are ready to go - cleaned and fixed-up ready for your Monday morning.


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