I'm a sceptic of dry shampoo's, always have been, despite still using Batiste and being reluctant to branch out and find a better alternative. Do they really work?

When one of my favourite youtube girls, Ruth Crilly, announced the launch of her new dry shampoo range, I was curious to try but late to jump on the bandwagon.. it was either going to be a resounding success or a disappointment. The beauty world went crazy for the stuff.

Coming in five scents and being priced at only £3.50 (£2 for a miniature), I obviously had to pick up all five scents, whipping out the "it's for the blog" excuse.

I definitely have favourite scents - New York, Rio and London - and I have nothing to complain about with the formula either. Unlike other dry shampoo's, this does not leave a white residue all over your hair, yet still creates that grease-free oomph we all crave when we think of a dry shampoo. My hair doesn't feel weighed down or sticky after use and it may just be pushing the Batiste off the shelf.. 


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