Unlike any other diary and weekly planner, focusing on productivity and planning ahead, The Happiness Planner shifts your focus onto something completely different. Swapping productivity for positivity and planning ahead for self-reflection, The Happiness Planner encourages mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development.

On a typical Sunday evening, where you open your diary and see the week that lies ahead, instead, why not open a planner which is about yourself, your mind and your goals?

The first section of the planner revolves around self-awareness and self-reflection, encouraging you to reflect on your strengths, your weaknesses, what makes you happy and what you'd like to achieve over the next 100 days.

Following this, every week (starting on a Monday) you have a page to set out your goals - financial goals, work goals, time-management goals and personal goals, with an opportunity to write rewards for achieving each goal - sparking some motivation in you!

Out of all the beautiful things about this planner (the colour, the quotes, the inspiration, to name a few), my favourite is each week's weekly reflection. Set after every week, this page allows you to think back over the past week and pick out each positive thing that happened, and also the negatives. It's a well known secret that focusing on the positive, brings more positive to your life - and therefore it asks for a positive thing about your negative part of the week, which switches your mindset back to the positive, without lingering on the negative for too long!

With daily reminders and inspiration to concentrate on the positive aspects of your life and your future goals, this planner aims to train your mind into thinking as an optimist.. which I definitely need some training in!

Even if this is hidden under a pillow, or kept in your bag, the planner is perfect for both genders and all ages.. everyone could do with a little daily encouragement to be positive! The planner also comes in blue and black.. so don't worry boys, you don't have to have a baby pink one.

"100 days is the perfect length to reap a new habit, a lifestyle change, or an attitude shift. 100 days means 100 days of positivity, mindfulness, and self-improvement." 

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