The Magic of Christmas: "Warming, spicy and stimulating"

Swish the golden star under warm running water and stir up a Christmas treat with the cinnamon stick. This spicy wand can be reused for multiple baths, creating sparkly gold water and so many bubbles! Who doesn't want to bathe in gold, shimmering water? 

Intergalactic Bath Bomb: My ultimate favourite!

A vibrant mix of bubbles, colours, swirling and fizzing. Drop this into a warm bath and watch the bomb fizzle, turning the water a shimmery blue, with a trail of multicolour. Again, who doesn't want to bathe in shimmer?

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb: A muted 'Intergalactic'

A calmer, paler version of 'Intergalactic' - more calming than colourful. With pastel shades and less fizzing around, this bath bomb swirls around, still dazzling, but a more midnight variation.

Catastrophe Face Mask: Magic, I swear.

No face mask has ever worked like this one on my skin. Calming, cleansing and moisturising, packed with chamomile, rose and blueberries, this mask soothes the skin and its antioxidant qualities bring out any impurities and magic them away. It's gently calming, even for my sensitive skin!

Bubblegum Lip Scrub: A classic.

Easy prepping for your lips at the beginning of a make up routine, ensuring any lip product glides on and stays put! If you can resist licking this off in milliseconds, it's definitely worth a shot.

Love Lettuce Face Mask: For softer, more balanced skin.

I was dying to get my hands on this mask! I've heard its praises sung around the blogger community, claiming it does wonders for brightening a complexion, with its pure Lavender scent. It does just that; it definitely has more calming properties than Catastrophe Face Mask, even the name sounds it.

The Sacred Truth Face Mask: Not the most appealing colour - but it works!

If you can get past the colour of this mask, it will revive and soften your complexion with a mix of honey, yoghurt and eggs. A beautiful mask, perfect for a Christmas pamper.

Ocean Salt Scrub: Holy Grail stuff.

Another product I couldn't wait to get my hands on (these beauty bloggers are such enablers for buying new things!) Limes steeped in vodka, grapefruit and salt, I use this magic salt in the shower and then wash off a few minutes later, and I swear, my skin has never been softer. 

**All face masks should be kept in the fridge, due to the fresh ingredients, and washed off with warm water 10-15 minutes after use**

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