When I heard the news of H&M launching a beauty range, there's no other way to say it, I couldn't contain my excitement. I had my doubts about a high street clothing store branching into make up, but the reviews seemed all good.. so I went to the store and went a little mad.

I tried to pick up products I didn't have in my collection already, and resisted the urge to go straight for the bronzers and blushes (I tried, I didn't succeed entirely). But, I think I did fairly well and picked up some of H&M's best bits.

Revelation body oil: Something completely new to my beauty and body collection, and I did pick it up purely for the matte black packaging. It's gorgeous. The product looks much more premium than it's price tag and the quality of the oil is unbelievable. I'm not the biggest fan of body oils, I find it all a bit of a faf and a bit messy too, but this one is promising.

Eye colour 'to go' sticks: Shown in the last swatch, the pigment of these sticks is crazy. They're so creamy and glide seamlessly onto the eyes, but I haven't worn them long enough to decide whether they last throughout a long day. I picked them up in two golden, bronze shades - Golden Age and Appaloosa. Who can resist a shimmery eye product?

Sea mist salt water spray: I did not know H&M released hair products until I went into the store and had to resist picking up every bottle of dry shampoo and hair spray I could find. I love and live by the Bumble and Bumble surf spray, a spray which adds texture and hold to wavy, 'beachy' hairstyles. This seems like an almost perfect dupe. The hold isn't quite as good, and neither is the texture it brings, but it smells amazing.

Pure Radiance blush: I have far too many blushes in my collection, far far too many. But I simply cannot resist a dusky pink! I got this pure radiance powder blusher in 'Rosy Brown' - what looked like a shade lighter of Gingerly by MAC, which I wore non-stop for years. On the cheeks its a little rosier than in the pan, but it's a beautiful shade. Not too sure about the 'radiance' aspect, as there is no shimmer in the product.

Single eyeshadows: Again, something I did not need more of, an eyeshadow in Golden Light and in Mojave. I had Christmas day in mind when picking these up, with a vision of a shimmery, golden, smokey eye. As with the sticks, both products are so pigmented and creamy - I don't know how H&M have done it!

Lip Saviour balm: In 'Sepia Tint', I was intrigued at a lip balm with a tint to it. I would say it's more of a lip stick on the lips than a tint, it does add a fair amount of colour, but it's so moisturising and creamy (how many times have I said creamy in this post?!). The packaging of the balm is sleek and black and again, looks much more premium than it's price tag suggests.

Rose hand cream: I don't know if I'm the only one, but as soon as the weather changes, my hands are the first place to notice and show signs of the freezing weather. I've been dying to find a hand cream that actually does the job, and this one does just that! And it smells amazing too. At only £2.99, the baby pink packaging looks beautiful on my bedside table, and the almond and coconut oil is definitely helping my hands.

Definitely go and check out H&M's new beauty range, even if it's just for the divine packaging.

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